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Sephardic Community of Greater Boston - Parshat Ki Tetze 5781

08/20/2021 11:29:19 AM


Shabbat Parashat Ki Tetze
13 Elul 5781
Aug 20-21, 2021


Friday Candle Lighting 7:17 PM
Early Minha: 7:00 PM
(If you attend the early Minha, your wife should light before 7:20 PM)

Shabbat Shaharit 8:30AM
Latest Time for Shema 8:32 AM
Kiddush following services

Shabbat Minha 6:55 PM
Followed by Seudah Shelishit
Shabbat Ends 8:25 PM
Rabbeinu Tam 8:47 PM

There is no kiddush or sedudah shelishit this week.

Weekday Tefillah

Selichot Sunday is at 7:15 AM followed by Shaharit at 8:00 AM
Selichot Monday thru Friday is at 6:15 AM followed by Shaharit at 7:00 AM
Minha and Arbit Monday thru Thursday are at 7:05 PM

Mon, September 20 2021 14 Tishrei 5782